Launched in 2018, this blog is a online platform for me to express my thoughts on a couple of passions of mine; music and technology. I'll also be sharing some of my life experiences as I pass through moments in my life.

I began writing my thoughts about things going on in my life in my notes on my phone a few years ago as a way to externalise my thoughts. It really helped, especially during a time when I was having a bit of a down moment in my life. I had a thought one day that my experiences may resonate with other people so I began a blog. I dipped in and out of blogging and scrapped my original blog in the end, I'm not quite sure why.

I missed blogging, so here I am again. I am writing to three themes: music, tech and life but these may expand as time goes on and my blog develops. 

Music is one of my biggest passions and I absolutely love sharing with people what I'm listening to. I've been sharing music i've been listening to on my Instagram story for a while, but this blog will allow me to share more thoughts and opinions on records I'm listening to. My music taste is very broad and I like everything from indie, pop, house and drum and bass. 

Technology has been another big passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  Ever since primary school, I have been fascinated by computers, the ability to play and interact with games was the basis of this. The fascination spurred me on to learn more about technology and the industries that use it. This interest has evolved with the rise of mobile devices and social media. This is where my passion for industries linked to digital media has come from. I went on to study a degree from Bournemouth University where I graduated with first class honours in Digital Media Design. 

I also think its important to share our life experiences so that we can learn from one another. I love meeting people and learning about them and their experiences so I can implement changes to my life. So, I hope by sharing some thoughts on life things and things that i've been through, that you can take value from my experiences. I plan on being completely honest with my experiences,  so expect a mixture of emotions. 

Feel free to get in touch with me, how to do that can be found on the contact page.