2018 has been a year of change

Another year has come and gone and this year has been a big one for me. If I were to sum  it up, I would say it’s been a year of huge change for me. 

It started with my dissertation

I started the year with my head down in my dissertation,  which was due in January. I had been working on it from September and it was something I was really not looking forward to writing. The idea of 10,000 words initially really scared me, but once I had broken it down into smaller chapters and topics, it didn’t feel that long.  I got there and it felt like a massive weight off my shoulder when I had handed it in.

Weirdly, final year of uni was my most enjoyable

They say that final year is the hardest year. Weirdly, I enjoyed my final year the most, (excluding my placement year), because I had complete control of my work. I could write about whatever I wanted to write about in my dissertation and make anything I wanted to make in my final year project.  It felt so good knowing everything in my work is wholly my ideas and my designs and I’m so happy with how everything turned out.  I worked hard this year and it paid off ,  I couldn’t be happier with the degree class I was awarded. 

But, it was a bittersweet

Although I thoroughly enjoyed final year, it was bitter sweet because it meant that I had to move away from the amazing friends I’ve made whilst at university and my housemates, which are my second family. I hate saying goodbye and I hate change. I really dreaded finishing uni because I was so anxious about what might happen after. But, I do know that change is something that has to happen to make progress in life.  I know that it’s not so much goodbye, more a “see you later” because I will be seeing these people throughout my life. 

I moved back home

I moved from Bournemouth back to my parents house in Bicester, which was different to what I have been used to for the past four years.  As much as I love my family, I do want to move out, I love being independent. I do plan on moving out in 2019 - so hopefully I can find a nice place to live with my friends. 

I found a job in something I absolutely love

And with this move, came the search for a full time job. I applied for quite a lot of positions, but I had focus on being in social media.  As you may know, I found a position as a social media analyst in the summer. I I feel very lucky that I have found a job in something I love so soon after leaving university.  I love the job, I love the people and I don’t think I could have asked for a better first job out of uni. 

Looking forward, I want to be more optimistic in 2019

Looking forward to the upcoming year, I have a few resolutions that I’d like to work towards. I’d like to be more an optimist, because in general I am quite pessimistic about things. I’d also like to continue my fitness regime (I’ve been slacking of late), and I’d also like to move out of my parents. 

I hope everyone has an amazing 2019. 

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