Nobody likes change, but it has to be done.

A lot of change has happened in my life within the last month. After four years, I finished studying at Bournemouth University in early June. I stuck around Bournemouth until very recently as I had a part time job and wanted to make the most of having a house near the beach until my contract was up. 

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am graduating with a first class honours degree which I am completely shocked about. I wasn’t one of those students who was constantly chasing a first. I was completely expecting and would have been happy with a 2:1, so to get a first overall was just shocking and I’m so pleased and proud of myself.  It goes to show, that hard work really does pay off.  I spent last Christmas locked away in my room all day for about four weeks writing my dissertation, some days just sat staring at my screen with writers block. But, I got there. 

I moved back to Bicester permanently after leaving Bournemouth for the last time. It was weird leaving, going back to living with my parents from living with my housemates. I will eventually move out, but right now, I need to focus on getting a job and saving. I do miss Bournemouth already, it's such a nice place and I do want to go back at some point in my life. 

I’m also hunting for a full time job in digital content and social media marketing. I'd absolutely love to have a career in this area and I hope that something perfect comes along soon. I feel slightly weird not having anything to do apart from job hunt, its a complete change from what i've been used to for the past few years. 

Nobody likes change, but it has to be done to make progress in life. So heres to new beginnings. 

Adam Hale