Short life update: I got a new job as a Social Media Analyst

If you’ve been reading my blog and social media recently, you’ll know that i’ve been looking for a job in digital marketing. This week has been my first week in my new job and I can safely say, I absolutely love it.

I am now a Social Media Analyst for Interactive Schools, a marketing agency specialising in marketing for schools. So i’ll be looking at a lot of facebook and twitter data and making shiny graphs out of them, which is so exciting to me. 

I am so happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to do something that I love for a living, pretty much straight out of university. I’ve always been a believer of chasing your passion as a career and I feel very lucky to have landed a position in my area of interest so early on in my career. 

The office is chill, the people are great and the role so far is everything that I would have imagined it would be. Plus, there's a burrito bar two minutes away 😍

It has only been a week but i’m so excited about what might happen over the next few weeks, months and years.

Adam Hale1 Comment