Five Spotify playlists

I think there's something quite special about a playlist. A playlist takes time and careful curation to create the mood or feeling you want. With the world having fully embraced digital music streaming, creating playlists have become second nature to many of us.

Spotify has become the streaming platform of choice for many and is home to millions of playlists accessible at the touch of button. So, i'm going to share with you five playlists that I have saved on my Spotify library. Some will be playlists that I've made and some curated by Spotify and by other users. All of these playlists are public, so go ahead and follow if any take your fancy!

Let's get messed up 

Let's get messed up is my pre drinks playlist. I'm sure everyone has a "pre" playlist which has tunes that pumps them up for a night out. A mixture of commercial house, chart hits and old school cheese to get the night started.

Highlights: Gotta Get Thru This- Daniel Bedingfield & Get Out My Head - Redlight


Hungover sad times

Everyone knows the feeling. It's Sunday and you feel completely shit. Hanging out of your arse because you drank too much the night before and all you want to do is curl up in a bed, chill and feel sorry for yourself.

Hungover Sad Times is my playlist consisting of old school mellow pop tunes, as well as some newer tracks that chill me right out.

Highlights: 1973 - James Blunt & A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton



NYE is a playlist made by one of my best friends which is another pre drinks/party playlist. This one features more 90's and noughties hits than my own pre drinks playlist. It's classic old school tunes that'll make you buzzing for a night out, as well as some new tracks too.

Highlights: Foundations - Kate Nash & Heartbreaker -


Deep Dark Indie

Deep Dark Indie is a playlist created by Spotify and it's perfect for when you're in a bit of a mood. The playlist is exactly what it says on the tin and features dark, moody and atmospheric indie tracks.

Highlights: No rest for the wicked - Lykke Li & Waiting game - Banks


Mellow morning

Mellow morning is another playlist created by Spotify which is great for chilling out. It features a mix of old and new mellow tracks perfect for some background music whilst relaxing.

Highlights: Youth - Daughter & Mess is mine - Vance Joy


Do let me know of any recommendations you have for playlists, I'm always on the lookout for new music to listen to, so don't be shy to get in touch!

Adam Hale