Music Highlights of 2018

2018 is almost at a close and its been another fantastic year in music.  Due to having a very broad taste in music, there have been so many new records that I’ve loved this year that sorting into a condensed list of my favourites proved to be difficult, but here are a few new records I’ve been enjoying this year.

The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships

The 1975 returned this year with their recently released record A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The band has been drip feeding singles from the record ever since June, whilst also announcing that the “Music for Cars” era consisted of two albums, to be released within 6 months of each other. The first part came out just a few weeks ago - and it does not disappoint. The one thing that I love about 1975 is their ability to flow between genres on a single record so effortlessly. They achieved it with their previous record which is up there with my favourite records of all time, and they did it again on this record. This allows the band to go to new, and unexpected places and not be defined by a single genre. It goes from Indie Pop, to dance, to jazz all in a single record, which really is an experience to listen to. The band also seem very aware of current social issues, with their new record detailing issues around technology and social media - hence the name of the record.

Top tracks: TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME, Sincerity is Scary & Love it if we made it

Ex:Re - Ex:Re

This record came as a total surprise to me. Ex:Re is the name that Elena Tonra, the lead singer of indie band Daughter has released new music under. It came as a total shock, because she had never released solo music before, and the album was announced and released within the space of four days. The combination of the distinctive mellowness of Elena’s sound and the heart on the sleeve lyrics is so chilling - which is why I love Daughter so much. Even though the music depicts a break up and deals with themes that aren’t the happiest of things, the music somehow has the ability to chill me right out.

Top Tracks: Romance, Where the The Time Went & Crushing

No Rome - RIP Indo Hisahi

No Rome is by far my favourite new artist of 2018. He seemed to come out of nowhere, thanks to a little help from The 1975’s Matty Healy (they are signed under the same label). No Rome’s stuff has a similar sound to The 1975, so if you’re a fan of them, I’d definitely reccomend checking him out.  He even did a collab with the band on my favourite track Narcissist.  What I love so much about No Rome is how well produced all of his tracks are - it’s pop, but not as you know it. No Rome has a very small amount of music right now - and I can’t wait to hear where even more new tracks.

Top Tracks: Narcissist, Do it again & Seventeen

Lily Allen - No Shame

Lily Allen returned to the scene just over a year ago with her incredible track Trigger Bang, which ended up being my most played song on my Spotify this year. Lily released her album No Shame this summer and I love it. I was never really a fan of Lily Allen until this album came out, and have since revisited some of her older releases. This record sounds so different to all her previous and  produced in an entirely new way . Her lyrics, as always,  are conversational and literal and I feel like I know her. She’s a great storyteller.

Lily also recently released a DnB track with Shy FX which is 🔥

Top Tracks: Trigger Bang, Come on Then, Lost my Mind & Everything to Feel Something

Other highlights:

  • George Ezra

  • Mumford & Sons

  • Imagine Dragons

  • Kodaline

  • Dean Lewis

  • Alec Benjamin

  • I’ve been listening to quite a lot of liquid DnB this year ( I did say my music taste is broad)

  • Billie Eilish

  • LSD

  • Los Unidades