Five albums for 2016.

2016 is almost at a close and I will happily admit that this year has been my favourite year in terms of music releases. Theres been so many albums by so many good artists, and its incredibly hard to pick just five to write about. But this post is five new albums that I've been listening to this year.

  1. Daughter - Not to disappear

In January, my favourite band Daughter released their second album Not to disappear. I had been waiting for more material from this trio ever since their first album If you leaveand this new release did not disappoint.

Daughter are a British indie folk trio who's music is all about baring emotion and sadness. Some may call this depressing, but to me, its somehow chills me right out. Any time I'm sad or upset about something, I play Daughter at a loud volume because it brings me some sort of comfort.

Not to disappear offers a new and more diverse sound over their first album, a clear development thanks to the heavier use of electric guitars and drums. The biggest development by far though, is in the lyrics. The lyrics are a huge part of Daughter's music and are sung on all tracks by Elena Tonra. In this album, she lays out all her thoughts and feelings through the music much more blatantly than the first record, which was known for using metaphors.

I was lucky enough to see them perform on their supporting tour, a day after the album was released, which was just incredible and was by far the best gig by far I've ever been to. Elena was wonderfully sincere, and seemed so unaware of how talented she is.

2. The 1975 - I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Award for the longest album title goes to The 1975's second album I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

I admit that previous to this album, I had never listened the first 1975 record from start to finish, and only knew their tracks Chocolateand Girls (which I thought were amazing). 

Ever since single  The Soundwas released, I became much more interested in this band. There was something so catchy about that song that it had me hooked.

The 1975's second album is hard to classify because it has synth pop, slow ballads and  80's inspired pop tracks all on one album. But this diversity is what it makes it a great album, it takes you by surprise.

3. Broods - Conscious

Also debuting their second album during 2016, Broods released their electro-pop record Conscious.

Ever since I heard the dreamy track Bridges from their first album, I fell in love with this brother and sister duo, who originate from New Zealand.  

The album is sharp and punchy thanks to the combination of big vocals by lead singer Georgia and some nice beats.

There are even some collaborations on this album which I love. The track Heartlineswas co-written by fellow New Zealander Lorde - and you can definitely tell. Theres also Freak  of Naturewhich features vocals from Tove Lo, a brilliant song which featured on ITV's advertising campaign for their drama Victoria.

4. Birdy - Beautiful Lies

Similarly to my experience with The 1975, I had never listened to a full album from Birdy since the release of Beautiful Lies, the third album from the 20 year old British singer-songwriter. I don't know why I hadn't, because I knew of Birdy and liked her material ever since the release of Skinny Love way back in 2011.

I first got introduced to this album through the single Keeping your head up, which remains my favourite track from the record.  Heads up to Twitter for featuring the track on their TV advertising campaign. There's also a remix of this track too, which sounds great.

Theres some great piano led tracks such as the title track Beautiful Lies which is soothing and soulful.

Birdy has most recently featured as the vocalist on Sigma's new track Find mewhich mixes Birdy's amazing vocals to Sigma's signature drum and bass backing. It's awesome.

5. Jarryd James- High

I was introduced to Jarryd James this year  for the first time when I listened to 1000x, his incredible collaboration track with Broods which is one of my favourite tracks of the year.

High is the second EP from Jarryd and it features an alternative pop sound mixed with R&B which results in an amazing record.

The whole EP is rich and soulful which is great for chilling out. I definitely cannot wait to hear more music from Jarryd James.

Adam Hale