Five new music releases

At the end of last year I said that 2016 had been my favourite year so far for music releases. Now we're half way through 2017, I'm already having to reconsider that statement due to the incredible things we've heard so far this year. Here are five new music releases from this year which I've been listening to.

Sigrid - Don't Kill My Vibe EP

Sigrid is the new girl on the pop music block and I honestly think she's going to be huge. Her debut track "Don't Kill my Vibe" dropped out of nowhere and instantly became a hit thanks to the mix of incredible vocals, catchy lyrics and a huge chorus, which will have you hooked in a second.

"Fake Friends" is a song from her EP that I've become obsessed with recently. It has a ridiculously catchy chorus that I can't help but listen to on repeat.

Lorde - Melodrama

Come to think of it, Sigrid's debut to the music industry is reminiscent of how Lorde's debut Royals dropped out of nowhere back in 2013.

Lorde took the world by storm back then and continues to do so thanks to her very recent release of her second album Melodrama. It comes after a four year break following her critically acclaimed debut Pure Heroine. Lorde's done a lot of growing up since then and I feel like we're growing up with her in this new record - which tells the story of one house party.

Lead single Green Light was released in March to much delight to her fans. The track was instantly Lorde but also at the same time, a completely new Lorde.

Melodrama has only been released for a matter of days, but I can safely say this is my favourite release of the year so far and I wouldn't be surprised if I say the same thing in December. There isn't a single track that I don't like on this album and it features a range of vulnerable moments, hard hitting beats and Lorde doing what she does best, putting sounds together that shouldn't work, but somehow sound amazing.

My favourites so far are Perfect Places, Sober II (Melodrama) and Supercut.

London Grammar - Truth Is a Beautiful Thing

Also returning to the scene after a long break are London Grammar with their second album Truth Is a Beautiful Thing. And, what a beautiful thing this record is. As always, the vocal power of lead vocalist Hannah is incredibly chilling and I'll always find myself relaxing to their tracks.

The single Big Picture is one of the most impressive tracks from the record and my personal favourite. In places, the album is similar to their previous record but I don't really mind because all their music is just stunning.

The XX - I See You

The XX made a triumphant return in January with the release of their third record I See You. This record is much bolder than there previous two albums and I certainly see how the success of Jamie XX's own solo record In Colour has contributed to this records sound.

This record takes the indie band in a new direction sonically, but also doesn't forget their past. It's eery, but so infectious.

Favourites from this record are Dangerous, Lips and On Hold.

Imagine Dragons (Album Evolve to be released 23 June)

Imagine Dragons are back and have their new record Evolve coming out on 23 June. I'm quite excited for this as the promotional singles they've released so far have been great.
They've released four tracks so far: Believer, Thunder, Whatever It Takes and my favourite Walking The Wire. They seem reminiscent to tracks from debut album Night Visions.

Imagine Dragons are amazing at making infectious punchy choruses that you just want to belt out at the top of your voice.  If the record is as good as the tracks we've heard so far, it's going to be a great release for this indie rock band.

Adam Hale