Youtubers I follow

I’ve been avid Youtube watcher for a number of years now. Watching videos from vloggers and content creators has now become part of my daily routine . So, I thought I’d share with you a few channels that I follow, with links so you can check out for yourself. 

Being British: Joel and Lia


A few months ago I stumbled across Joel and Lia on a suggested video of Americans guessing English Slang. I can’t remember the exact video it was, but ever since I clicked on it, I have become an avid follower of this duo because of their natural on screen chemistry. Joel and Lia produce content all about being British, talking about lots of different aspects of British life. I guess I am not their target audience as I am British myself, I would imagine their audience is more people learning about Britain. However, I continue to watch for a couple of reasons. First of all, I think Joel and Lia are the most genuine Youtubers I have come across. You can tell how real their friendship is and I genuinely believe their friendship and personalities are exactly the same when the camera goes off. They come across as likeable, witty and authentic people, which I think are really important qualities to have as Youtubers.  Secondly, out of all the videos i’ve seen about explaining British culture, Joel and Lia have given the most accurate picture of the way British people are and how the culture is today. I’ve seen so many videos about British culture and they are just so not a real account of what Britian is like today, but Joel and Lia get it bang on, every time.

Alpha M


I’ve followed Aaron Marino, also known as Alpha M, for a few years. Arron is a mens lifestyle guru discussing a number of topics, including fitness, style and male grooming.  Aaron. Aaron covers everything you could think of in the male lifestyle world and is my go to if I ever need some advice in these areas. I think for many people, Youtube is the place to go for grooming or fitness tips so you can actually see and follow step by step. His videos are informative and easy to understand which I think many guys will appreciate. 



Many of you will know that i’m a massive user and fan of technology. iJustine is a popular tech Youtube that does unboxings and reviews of tech products. The thing I love most about iJustine is her clear passion for the technology and her genuine excitement when a new technology arrives and she gets to try it for the first time. I also like the fact that Justine is working as a female in a male dominated industry, which brings technology out of this “geeky” world. 

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